Maintaining Your Log Cabin With Preservatives

Log Home Builders log cabinYour log cabin demands measures to keep many serious issues at bay and ensure its longevity. Let’s take a look at some of the most efficient preservative methods you can adopt to assure a longer lifespan for your log cabin.

Shell-Guard: Borate-Glycol Wood Preservative

This particular product keeps various types of insects away and prevents the wood from rotting. This preservative system ensures a powerful penetration into the wood, thanks to the glycol system, and maximizes the effectiveness of the borate.  Shell-Guard doesn’t have any color or odor to the delight of the log cabin owners who dislike strong chemical smells in their homes. Shell-guard mixes with water, and the resulting solution is applied to wood using a brush (if necessary, it can also be sprayed). This mixture eliminates wood-eating insects and fungus and ensures the wood is preserved for an extended period.

Shell-Guard RTU: Borate-Glycol Wood Preservative

Shell-guard RTU is another solution based mainly on borate. Just like the shell-guard method, shell-guard RTU doesn’t have any odor or color. It is a human-friendly system because it has a very low toxicity level for humans. Use it on both interior and exterior wood to prevent decaying timber and insect attacks. As soon as it is sprayed on the wood, it will start to eliminate fungus and keep the pests away. It takes a relatively short time to dry completely.

Application of Borate Rods

These rods are a very effective method to protect wood that is already finished with a coating. All you have to do is to insert the borate rods into the damp wood, and it will gradually dissolve. The dissolved borate will start to spread inside the wood. Eventually, it will start to eradicate all the types of fungus and ensure that the wood will last at least a decade.

Soluble Borate Powder

This method utilizes concentrated borate powder.  Dissolve this powder in water and apply on the wood. It can either be brushed or sprayed depending on personal preference or convenience.

When applying borate to the wood of a log cabin, one should ensure that the surface of the wood is cleaned correctly. However, when it comes to the application of borate rods, this step doesn’t become a necessity. Once applied, these preservative methods can ensure a long lifespan of your precious log cabin.

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Maintaining Your Log Cabin With Preservatives

Log Cabin Maintenance

Log Home Builders log cabinKarl Young, based in Springfield Ohio, has been a general contractor for over ten years. He also works in restoration, from log cabins to deck construction.  To tackle the subject of log cabins, especially in the maintenance sector, we knew exactly the person to ask. Taking care of the exterior of your house/holiday home can feel incredibly overwhelming, especially to those of us who live in a home made out of natural materials. Both Karl, and his team have many years of experience. All their knowledge is condensed into this easy-to-read guide. No fluff, no guess work, no waste, and nothing but good advice.

Log cabins require yearly maintenance, which isn’t as time-consuming as it sounds when you consider the annual maintenance requirements for the average neighborhood house.  Home exteriors need an annual sprucing up, such as painting, water gutters, windows, roofing and many other items.  A log home is no different.

Every 12-18 months the logs will need to be washed, although many websites suggest using a power wash, this is something Karl does not endorse. Pressure washing can be detrimental to the logs themselves.  This damage leads to molds or mildews in hard to reach places, as water can find and flood any holes in the wood.  These growths can ruin the interior to your home and your belongings. It is strongly advised to use a standard pressure garden hose to clean the exterior.  Power washers are ideal for decks but not your log home. Karl also recommends that any log wood maintenance should be done in either spring or fall. Washing in spring removes pollen and fall to removes fallen leaves.

Three years after completing the log cabin is a critical time, to further the maintenance. At this point, it is highly recommended to wash, stain and put a top coat on your log cabin. Karl advised using Permachink when staining your home.  When used correctly it can last for up to five years. Also, after staining, use Life Line Advance Clear Top Coat to ensure that the wood can breathe and repel water.  This step means annual maintenance will be easier and more cost effective especially when considering the possible water damage to your natural materials.

This upkeep will naturally vary with location and the weather in your area. Keep an eye on the south and western walls. These exposures have a tendency to receive the most: snow, sun, and rain, which in turn means more wear and tear. These walls will need to be touched up at some point, possibly before the five-year mark.

What is the best way to tell you walls are damaged? Moisture damage is suspected wherever the materials look gray, bubble, chip or flake. Water/moisture can cause severe damage to logs and therefore your home. A pre-emptive move is to fill any holes in the wood larger the ¼ inch.  Water in these holes can potentially crack and rot your wood.

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Log Cabin Maintenance

Keep Your Log Cabin Cool with Air Conditioning

Log Home Builders log cabinHaving a log cabin is a contemporary approach nowadays. They are useful, look beautiful and are versatile. However, maintaining the right kind of temperature within a log cabin particularly during different seasons can be a challenging task for many people.

If the log house has a lower roof than the standard height and has a smaller (shorter) door, this might help to retain some additional heat during winters.  Install double glazed glass in doors and windows; whenever the house get sunlight, the temperature within will rise making it more comfortable, and the heat will be retained for a longer period. With such a setting, inside temperatures during overcast days will also be pretty comfortable. However, when it comes to summer, things can be different, and the log cabin might get overheated. Summer heat is precisely when an air conditioner will become helpful.

When installing an air conditioner in a log house, the design of the log cabin should be thoroughly considered. In fact, the volume of the log cabin will be the key factor to consider before installing an air conditioner. Higher roofs increase the volume of the cabin and require more powerful air conditioning units. Large units consume more energy than smaller units and in turn will be the reason for higher energy bills. Apart from that, the number of doors and windows a cabin has, the size of the windows and how the roof is configured are key aspects that influence the effectiveness of the air conditioner.

The cost of air-conditioning will vary depending on the type of the fuel used to power it. In some areas, natural gas is affordable while propane or fuel oil are other popular options. However, it is always better to pre-calculate the energy costs before the installation and be ready with necessary financial arrangements.

Logs work as an efficient insulating material compared to conventional buildings. Logs can retain heat for a longer period and emit it; this is a great benefit as it helps to make the HVAC system less strained. In fact, log cabins can be up to 20% energy efficient (regarding air conditioning) than conventional house models.  Nonetheless, it is better to consult an expert before opting to an HVAC system.  Their expertise will suggest the best installations and adjustments to achieve better energy efficiency.

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Keep Your Log Cabin Cool with Air Conditioning

Importance of Log Cabin Maintenance

Log Home Builders log cabinsAlthough it is not difficult to maintain a log cabin, some are not in an attractive condition due to lack of regular maintenance. In fact, many log cabin owners fail to maintain their log homes properly and eventually they become useless. A surprising number of log cabins just become useless and need a severe restoration process because of negligence over time. Mentioned below is the importance of maintaining log cabins properly.

By maintaining a log cabin correctly, the owner can expect to avoid potential expensive costs in the future. In the long run, if left unattended, any log cabin can wear down pretty quickly, and once the the deterioration reaches a certain point, maintenance will be hardly possible. This is when a restoration process will be required. However, the speed of wearing down may depend on other facts like the type of material used to manufacture the log cabin.

Maintenance of a log cabin should be done promptly. In the US, the maintenance of log cabins is usually carried out during the month of June. However, this doesn’t mean that the log cabin should be left unattended during the rest of the year. Minor maintenance work should be performed as required.

During this maintenance process, it is important to check if the log cabin needs some sealing work. Over time, sealants can breakdown particularly due to the excessive exposure to UV rays. Although some people tend to do this hard maintenance work as DIY tasks, it is strongly suggested to seek the assistance of a professional for a perfect job. Nevertheless, issues like rusty joints, cracked wooden parts, malfunctioning hinges, etc. can be addressed as a DIY tasks, probably after some inspection.

The fundamental purpose of log cabin maintenance is to keep it in the optimal condition and ensure that no harm is done due to UV rays, water, rodents, insects or human activities. The corners, joints, and the roof should be inspected frequently for potential damage. Addressing the problems with an acceptable solution at the earliest possible time is important. Regular maintenance and optimal care will enhance the lifespan of the log cabin.

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Importance of Log Cabin Maintenance

Fireplace Ideas for New Log Cabin Home

Log Cabin Builders log cabin fireplacesThe root of the log structure is dubious. It is plausible that it started in northern Europe at some point in the Bronze Age (c. 3,500 B.C.). When Europeans began to settle in America, there was a long history of utilizing logs for houses, horse shelters, and various sheds in the Scandinavian nations, Germany, and Northern Russia.  Log cabin fireplaces were just a utility way of warming the home as also serving as a place to cook meals.

In today’s log cabins a fireplace brings warmth, atmosphere and a general feeling of solace. Exactly what sort of fireplace is best for your log home is reliant upon many components. Perused on to find out about alternatives, elements, contemplations and the sky is the limit from there.

Fireplaces today are planned and made by manufacturers in processing plants. Metal inserts are used instead of brick or stone interiors.  These inserts are used for safety and also cost-saving reasons.  Despite the fact that they won’t have that same appeal as the fireplaces of yore, pre-fabricated fireplaces come in a wide range of choices and can be effectively used with modern decor in mind.

A key decision will be whether to purchase a wood consuming, gas, or electric fireplace.  Each choice requires a different type of preparation in the home.  You’ll likewise need to pick the size and style that best suit your requirements.

Fireplaces require special building licenses and must conform to specific codes depending on the type of unit desired.   It is best to make the decision of placement and type of fireplace be made early in the planning process.  Adding one later could create delays in the building schedule.

It should be noted that wood burning fireplaces come with a set of chores that must regularly be completed.  Be sure to consider the cost and work required in buying, splitting, and stacking wood. Then there is stoking the fire, and cleaning slag from the unit.  Chimneys must also be cleaned to prevent chimney fires.

No matter what your style, there is a fireplace that will work for you.  Log Home Builders have been doing this work for a long time. Working with customers to develop the most ideal plans and cabin outlines for them. Whether it is a vacation cabin in the woods or your primary home, we can create a home for you.

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Fireplace Ideas for New Log Cabin Home

Maintenance of Your Log Home

Maintaining a log cabin is not any more difficult or exhausting than keeping a traditional house. However, there are a few unique issues related to log homes that are different than a conventional wood-framed house.


Focus on the dark patches.  In these areas, the rain moistened the logs, resulting in growth of mildew or mold. The best solution for cleaning this is with a solution of equal amounts of water and bleach. Wet a soft brush with the solution and cleanse the area gently. Re-stain after some days when the area is completely dry.


Logs can crack over time. In the first couple of years, they are exposed to a variation of the seasons and local humidity.  Hence they tend to contract, swell, and check.  This process is something common and does not change the integrity or strength of the logs. Caulk regularly as part of your log cabin maintenance in the first few years, so that the logs get used to a moisture equilibrium.

If the cracks are bigger than a quarter of an inch, you have to seal them with caulk.  Containing great sealant capabilities so that bugs and water are sealed out.

If the checks are even bigger, fill the crack with a backer rod and apply caulk over it. The foam will enable regular contraction and expansion of the wood without breaking the caulks bond. Even though this sounds tiring, this area of log cabin maintenance gets easier with time.


Another good tip is to use expanding insulating foam sealant to handle the gaps around your door bucks and windows. If cold air from outside comes in around the windows and doors, remove the trim boards and check that the bucks have been sealed properly.


Spray some water on the logs to check the condition of your stain. It is all good if the water beads up and runs down.

If there’s a need to renew the log stain, you will have to work on the wood first. Rub off the cobwebs and dirt, and gently cleanse the patches of mold or stained areas, if any. You can start staining once the logs are dry and all checks and cracks caulked.

You will have to apply oil-based stains every 5-7 years, and water-based ones after every 3-5 years. Many people find it difficult to use water-based stains as they are thin. To prevent the stain from running down along your arm, use disposable nitrile gloves or rubber gloves and make sure you’re wearing old clothes.


Apply gutters if there are none on your log home. If you already have gutters, keep them clean to avoid rain from overflowing and splashing on your logs. Along with this, you have to ensure that the design is such that the downspouts lead the run-off away from the log cabin.

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Maintenance of Your Log Home

Log Cabin Benefits

nc-cabin-constructionBefore you invest in a log cabin, whether a ready-made cabin or one that is built from scratch, it’s important to understand the benefits first. Knowing what you stand to gain with a log cabin will help you to make a more informed decision. Log cabins have become very popular. Let’s look at a number of reasons why.

High demand and high value

Modern log cabins are designed to become very luxurious and valuable spaces that can quickly replace the standard stick framed houses. Because of their popularity, selling a log cabin is actually very easy today. You are likely to get a huge return on your investment.  Log cabins do appreciate in value especially if well maintained. They are considered a sound investment if you want to own something similar to a home. Get in touch with to get a good deal for you next log cabin home.

Have better energy efficiency

Compared to a standard wood frame home, a log cabin performs better when it comes to energy efficiency. You do not need the same level of energy to keep the cabin warm as you would in a conventional wood frame house. You can actually save more in terms of energy bills and enjoy a comfortable living space when you invest in a log cabin.

Log Homes NC

Better air quality

Log cabins are considered better in terms of the interior air quality that they provide. Living in a log cabin is more comfy and healthier compared to a standard wood frame house. These cabins have a low level of humidity so it’s easy to keep off elements like mold and mildew that can quickly compromise air quality. Log cabins can be suitable living spaces for individuals who are prone to allergies caused by elements like mold.

Eco friendly

The process of constructing a log cabin utilizes minimal energy. If you compare the process of constructing a standard home and that of a log cabin, there would be significant increase in the energy used during construction of a standard house building. For this reason, log cabins are considered environmental friendly. The cabins are built using eco-friendly materials which further helps to minimize carbon footprint and keep our environment safe.

Construction is simple and fast

Log cabins are constructed far much faster than modern house buildings. You can have a log cabin with an equal number of features constructed within a few days but the same cannot be done when it comes to a standard house building.



Log Cabin Benefits

Advantages of Custom Log Homes

log cabin sales NC

You have plenty of options today when it comes to home construction and construction materials. But if you want to build a home that is beneficial to your health and the environment, you should consider building a custom log home. Log cabin homes are made primarily of timber throughout the construction and accessorized with materials such as concrete for flooring or glass for windows and doors.

Log cabin homes come in kits that contain materials for constructing pre-designed home. You can also design your own custom log home with the help of an experience designer and have this developed into a log cabin kit by the manufacturer. There are several reasons why building a custom log home is a great decision:

Desired design

Just because you get the logs already pre-cut and labeled, does not mean you do not have the freedom to design your own home. You can still get customized floor plans and building features, send these to the log cabin kit manufacturers and they will prepare the building materials to your home’s specifications.

Eco friendly home

IMG_3212One reason why trees are a great construction material is that trees are renewable resources. These logs and timber used in home constructions are harvested from certified sustainable forests. Sometime, they are also obtained from standing dead timber. The homes can be constructed to green building standards.

Durable home

Custom log homes NC built to construction perfection are extremely durable. Some logs and timber homes today date back to more than 800 years ago and this is way before the modern and technologically advance ways of timber production came into play. Timber homes have successfully withstood some of the worst weather conditions such as hurricanes, heavy snow and other storms.

Energy efficient home

Custom log homes are a great construction material with cold weather because wood is warm to touch. This thermal mass is a natural property in wood that helps keeps the internal temperature of the house comfortable throughout the seasons. The log walls can collect and store energy, which is radiated into the home. As long as the home is sealed properly, the home can be super energy efficient, more than conventional home construction.

Attractive home

There is no doubt that custom log homes are indeed attractive. In addition, a custom design makes the home fit more of your personal style and housing needs.

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Advantages of Custom Log Homes

Expert Advice From Log Cabin Builders NC

wall-construction-nc-log-cabinsLog cabin homes are a not only attractive but also last for years and offer great energy efficiency. The performance and aesthetics of log cabin homes depend on building conditions and choosing the best quality construction materials. Here are a few expert tips from log cabin builders that should help make the best decisions:

Use dry logs

It is crucial to keep the logs dry when building a log cabin home. Even 20 percent moisture content in your logs is too much; you need to be sure that what you are getting is properly dried logs. Between 12 to 15 percent moisture content is what is considered best for construction. Moisture content is important because it makes it easier for the logs to settle without needing settling jacks for longer. Ensure that design features such as long roof overhangs and covered decks are also included to keep the longs dry for longer.

Proper design

Different designs are available for log cabin homes. One important factor is getting the design correctly for better energy efficiency, easier maintenance and building within a budget. Some of the most important design features to be prudent about include building large overhangs, ensuring the first course of logs is at least two feet above the ground, sloping the grade away from the log cabin house and planning the entire design to keep both water and sunlight from the house as much as possible. Making these considerations early will make log cabin home maintenance a breeze.

Protect the home from the elements

Rain, snow, sunlight, termites and others elements can be detrimental to log cabin homes and you need to protect them from these elements, much more than traditional housing construction.

Get materials from reputable log cabin building companies

Choosing the best log cabin kits NC is a huge factor when it comes to log cabin home construction. Every company has its own level of competence and methods; price alone should not be your guiding factor. You need to buy the log home building material package from a company that has integrity and delivers what is promised from the very fast point of contact. The materials they provide should perform as claimed, they should also be willing to offer assistance and guidance to the very end of the project.

Working with a great team is crucial if you expect to get the home of your dreams at the end of the process. Get in touch with Quality Log Home Builders today!

Expert Advice From Log Cabin Builders NC

Best Place to Build a Residential Log Cabin

2014-07-28 01.20.51Building a residential log cabin is an exciting and rewarding project. The best thing about log cabin homes is that they can fit and look good in any location. The best place to build a residential log cabin will depend on one’s needs and interests. Deciding on the location of the cabin is important as it will impact the quality of your life there as well as your day to day activities. You can easily choose the best place by evaluating your day to day activities and preferences. Some of the fundamental things you need to look at include:

Surrounding environment

You can build a log cabin home within the urban area, by the lakeside or beach, or a remote area by the countryside. It all depends on the environment that you want to wake up to every day. By the beach or lakeside, you will get to enjoy the cool breeze from the waters every morning.

The countryside is a favorable environment for those who want to enjoy the peace and calm. The urban area is great for those who want to keep in touch with hi-tech advancements in the big town.

Nearness to facilities

The next information you need to evaluate is the facilities that you need access often. These include work places, banks, shopping malls, drug store, salons, barber shops, farmers market, health facilities, and learning institutions among many others.

You need to compose a list of the places and services that you need and then explore and see how close they are to the location of your choice. You can easily do that over the internet with the help of applications such as Google maps.

Leisure activities

Leisure activities are also crucial when choosing a location If you love swimming, you need to build your home in a location where you can easily access a swimming pool or beach. If you make don’t choose well, you will end up giving the leisure activity that you love so much.

Leisure is important as it helps one to stay physically fit, prevents and manages stress and helps our bodies to stay healthy.  If you are the adventurous character, you should consider a location that will allow you to try new methods of having fun.

If you find an area that matches all these needs, consider it as the best location to build your cabin log home.

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Best Place to Build a Residential Log Cabin