What Kind of Wood is Used for a Log Home?

Log Home Builders Log homeWhen you are building a new house or repairing the old one, the quality of wood that you use for construction is critical. Woodwork is expensive, and one does not want to be stuck in repairing it just after a couple of years.

Here are some of the best kinds of wood you can use to build a strong, beautiful log home:


Choosing the right type of wood will determine how sturdy your house is and how much it can withstand. Keeping both budget and quality in mind, select timber that grows in high altitudes. Due to cooler temperatures, the growth of these trees is slow, but they become tall and strong.

You can judge timber by the density of round rings found on a cut tree. The more rings, the more strength. Each ring depicts the age of the tree. For this reason, we have dedicated professionals that handpick only the best of timber. We do not compromise on quality.


Pine is known for its incredible tensile strength. It does not break easily and can survive almost any drastic situation. Pine is also known for its beautiful texture which is why it is used to enhance the beauty of living rooms. Red and white pine, are both used to make elegant furniture. Pine is not very expensive and is, therefore, preferred for interiors. You have a lot of color options with pine,  so you can make your house stand out with this choice.


Apart from its strength and beauty, cedar’s unique quality is its pleasant, heavenly scent. The aroma of cedar makes your house’s ambiance so positive and welcoming to the guests. It comes in marvelous shades of red and brown, really soothing to the eyes. Cedar gives your house a graceful and royal finish. Cedar, however, is rare and takes time to grow, so it is one of the more costly wood varieties.


Oak is a pure, neutral variety that never goes out of style. It is one of the safest options, and there are numerous color variations from which to choose. You have classic shades of light and dark brown and grey as well. It has always been popular in the log home business because of its durability and affordable prices. Also, oak is heavy, it does not wear away quickly and retains its quality for years.

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What Kind of Wood is Used for a Log Home?

Choosing the Best Appliances for Your Log Cabin

Log Home Builders log cabinOne of the best things about owning a home or designing and building a new home is having the freedom to design everything the way you want to fit your idea of a perfect home. Appliances have been significant hindrances in design because they have a narrow range of sizes and form. Remember rooms like the kitchen are designed primarily based on the appliances. As you plan a log cabin, you may wonder how you will fit all the appliances you have in mind. Here are a few things you can consider to make the process smoother.

The log cabin whether it be your primary home or a vacation home is supposed to be a place where you are most comfortable. As a vacation home, it can be used for romantic getaways, holidays, long weekends, family gatherings, etc.  This plan could mean installing multipurpose appliances. A wall oven that has a microwave built on top solves a lot of issues like having stovetops that are high which in turn dictate the height of the cabinets. The wall oven is mounted flush with the cabinets at a natural height of around 20 to 30 inches from the floor. A single oven can be a double oven design making cooking or baking at two temperatures possible without needing a separate second oven.

You can have a built-in microwave in your log cabin.  Built-in microwaves can be wall mounted like an oven or built in above the stove. Remember microwaves are used for short durations with small vessels.

Your laundry room is another place that will need modern appliances. The modern front-loading machines are easy to load and unload. This style can also be stacked with a dryer giving you more space in the laundry room for ironing or storage. The modern front loading machines are more water efficient than the older models but take longer to do a load.

All the discussed appliances need electricity.  If your log cabin is in a more remote area with no utilities, propane appliances are also available.  Search for propane appliances or off-grid appliances to find a dealer in your area.

If you are looking to design a log cabin, consider a design that will fit the appliances that you want and need based on how the building will be used.

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Choosing the Best Appliances for Your Log Cabin

How Much Will My New Log Home Settle?

Log Home Builders log home lumberThe resulting settlement and shrinkage of logs in a newly built log home are not problems but some of the characteristics of working with timber or lumber. However, the log shrinkage and log settlement are the most vital detail concerning construction. Log home lumber shrinkage and settlement only become a problem when homeowners and builder fail to recognize or respect it. If a builder or a log manufacturer says you need to move on since there is no settlement, you need to get another opinion since it might not be true.

Why does wood shrink?

Timber shrinks in width and not length. There is a difference between timber frame and log home lumber. There is no significant settlement in timber frame homes because the length is mostly vertical. However, in log home lumber, each log shrinks horizontally because the length is horizontal. To take care of a log home, some builders prefer mixing log construction with block work or timber frame. House companies have designed a unique flashing that can accommodate movement in the home.

Benefits of using log construction

A home built using log home lumber is a beautiful home built using the natural material. The character of the wood used is satisfying. The good news is that log settlement stops after about two years. If some areas of the home are built with timber frames, timber clad and standard roof trusses, the house will not experience much settlement.

How much settlement can a home experience?

A log home lumber settlement depends on the size of the home. For instance, a log size of 5 inches wide and 7 inches high can experience shrinkage that affects the thickness of the log. The shrinkage can separate a small space around the corner joints. Another example is a standard ceiling that measures 8 feet high. The ceiling will shrink down by 2 inches. A laminated log will settle by only a tenth of an inch.

While home settling is not a problem if you understand wood shrinkage, under certain conditions it’s critical. Most log settlements and log shrinkage in log home lumber concern are more for maintenance, expense, and energy efficiency and construction quality. The basic engineering of a log home lumber makes for a strong building to withstand a great deal of construction and design.

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How Much Will My New Log Home Settle?

What Kind of Logs for Your Log Home?

Log Home builders buying logsIf you want to start buying logs for your log home, then you have to identify the best, cost-efficient options for doing such a thing. With that in mind, you will note that some types of logs are better than others. The idea is to opt for logs that are cost-efficient, strong and easy to use. Once you do that, the results will be more than positive.

Things To Focus On

Aside from cost efficiency, you also need to focus on wood density. Dense wood has fewer cracks, and there won’t be any checking when the log dries. Moreover, you will also have to think about the time when the trees were felled. Get trees that have fallen during the winter as that will minimize the risks of mold and so on. You can buy logs from local landowners, a logger, tree services, a sawmill, wholesale logs, a kit company and other similar services.

Western Red Cedar

The Western Red Cedar is excellent because it’s very resistant to decay and it has a tight grain as well. Not only that, but it’s very durable and great for people that live in climates with extreme weather. It adds character and works well with a lot of styles. Plus, it’s very distinct, and stands out,

Douglas Fir

Douglas Fir is another good option. This wood is perfect because it’s one of the better softwoods out there. A lot of people use it for the timber frames and traditional log homes. It also has a blond and red color for the timber, which is quite impressive. Quality-wise, this type of wood is excellent. You can also purchase kiln dried Douglas Fir, as this can be a bit more efficient.

Overall, these are only two types of logs for your log home. Remember that quality matters, and you should focus on things like durability when you are buying logs. Making a careful selection before you start building will guarantee high-quality results.

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What Kind of Logs for Your Log Home?

Log Cabins Worthy of Thanksgiving Dinner

Log Home Builders log cabinThanksgiving is a time when families and friends gather together to share good food and to spend some quality time together.  Those Norman Rockwell visions include a warm, cozy house with a large living room and a fireplace amongst a cluster of tall trees.  Make that home a log cabin in the woods and the vision becomes even more magical.  The log homes of today are much more architectural in style than those rectangular buildings that we viewed in pioneer movies when we were young.  They are beautiful in design and are elegant-looking no matter the location.  Today’s log homes offer all the amenities of modern day homes with a unique rustic style.

Many sources sell log home plans.  The variety may surprise you.  Here are some companies that sell log home plans that you might want to look over to get the creative juices flowing :

Architectural Designs has been selling homes plans for over 40 years.   They offer home plans from over 200 architects from across North America. https://www.architecturaldesigns.com/house-plans/styles/log

Houseplans was founded in 2004 and has one of the most extensive online databases of home blueprints on the internet. https://www.houseplans.com/collection/log-home-plans

Homeplans has helped everyday people turn their dreams into reality. Most plans can be customized to your specifications. http://www.homeplans.com/house-plans/hp/styles/country-home-plans-country-homes/log-cabin-home-plans.html

Whether you come in with plans of a dream log home or you want to start from scratch, Log Home Builders can help you.  They can use any blueprints and assemble a kit for you and have that kit delivered to your building site.  They will build the log cabin for you if you so desire.  Whatever your needs they are ready to help. Start the process today, and before next Thanksgiving, you’ll have that magical setting for your gathering.  Contact Log Home Builders at 919-202-4428.

Log Cabins Worthy of Thanksgiving Dinner

Fall Maintenance Tips for Log Cabins

Log Home Builders log cabinDo you have a log cabin? If so, chances are your log cabin is one of your most cherished possessions. It is a great place to vacation or live. But just like any other home, you need to perform maintenance on it. With these fall maintenance tips, your log cabin can be kept in tip-top shape for a lifetime.

Inspect Seals on Logs

Walk around the outside paying close attention to the logs that make up your cabin. You want to make sure that there are no cracks present and that all seals are intact. Any damage to the wood or the seal can cause water to seep in. When water gets in, logs start to rot.

Check Windows and Doors

Every window and door in your log cabin should be in good shape. That means it should close and open all the way and the weather stripping should be intact. This weather seal helps to control the climate in the log cabin properly and to prevent critters or insects from entering.

Don’t Forget Gutters and Roofs

The gutters and roofs of log cabins are often overlooked when it comes to fall maintenance. This lapse is because in most cases, it is not the owner’s primary home. Look at the gutters to make sure that they are free of debris so they can properly drain water during the rainy season.

Your roof should be free of missing tiles or tar. All sections should appear sealed, and there should be no nests from birds or wasps. Take a second to ensure that chimney screens are in place and clear. Check to ensure rain caps are in place on any chimneys.

Walk the Interior

Inspecting the inside of the home is just as important as checking the outside. Walk from wall to wall and check for the same kind of damage you looked for on the outside. Don’t forget to look up and scrutinize the ceiling. Surfaces should be surveyed for signs of water damage or rot that might not have been visible on the outside.

Appliances and fixtures need to be tested to ensure that they are in working order. You don’t want to find out that critters have been nesting in your home the hard way. Having an obstructed fireplace can also be very dangerous.

Now that you have gone through the inspection checklist you can breathe comfortably and enjoy your time at your cabin. Whether you are looking for time alone or having friends over, there is no need to worry.

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Fall Maintenance Tips for Log Cabins

Maintaining Your Log Cabin With Preservatives

Log Home Builders log cabinYour log cabin demands measures to keep many serious issues at bay and ensure its longevity. Let’s take a look at some of the most efficient preservative methods you can adopt to assure a longer lifespan for your log cabin.

Shell-Guard: Borate-Glycol Wood Preservative

This particular product keeps various types of insects away and prevents the wood from rotting. This preservative system ensures a powerful penetration into the wood, thanks to the glycol system, and maximizes the effectiveness of the borate.  Shell-Guard doesn’t have any color or odor to the delight of the log cabin owners who dislike strong chemical smells in their homes. Shell-guard mixes with water, and the resulting solution is applied to wood using a brush (if necessary, it can also be sprayed). This mixture eliminates wood-eating insects and fungus and ensures the wood is preserved for an extended period.

Shell-Guard RTU: Borate-Glycol Wood Preservative

Shell-guard RTU is another solution based mainly on borate. Just like the shell-guard method, shell-guard RTU doesn’t have any odor or color. It is a human-friendly system because it has a very low toxicity level for humans. Use it on both interior and exterior wood to prevent decaying timber and insect attacks. As soon as it is sprayed on the wood, it will start to eliminate fungus and keep the pests away. It takes a relatively short time to dry completely.

Application of Borate Rods

These rods are a very effective method to protect wood that is already finished with a coating. All you have to do is to insert the borate rods into the damp wood, and it will gradually dissolve. The dissolved borate will start to spread inside the wood. Eventually, it will start to eradicate all the types of fungus and ensure that the wood will last at least a decade.

Soluble Borate Powder

This method utilizes concentrated borate powder.  Dissolve this powder in water and apply on the wood. It can either be brushed or sprayed depending on personal preference or convenience.

When applying borate to the wood of a log cabin, one should ensure that the surface of the wood is cleaned correctly. However, when it comes to the application of borate rods, this step doesn’t become a necessity. Once applied, these preservative methods can ensure a long lifespan of your precious log cabin.

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Maintaining Your Log Cabin With Preservatives