Is Their A Best Place To Have A Log Home?

A Log Home at The Top of The Mountain Vs. A Mile Away From The City

Living on the mountain comes with a lot of happiness, but also the possibility for a lot of struggles. Most people prefer building a home closer to the city as it renders one the opportunity of the hustle and the bustle of city life with the ability to go home and get away. Staying around the town is enjoyable as there are all kinds of entertainment, stores are generally open whenever you want to pick something, multiple job opportunities to choose from, and thousands of people to meet. Full of fun for most!

Contrary to that, some people really don’t like the feel of city life and prefer to distance themselves from it. Though there are so many people you could possible befriend every day, not all of them are particularly friendly, and one should always be on the lookout for crime when near a lot of other people. As much as we hate to say it, no mater where you are you have to keep the possibility of crime in the back of your mind. For individuals who prefer nature and green life, building a log home in the mountains can be perfect for you.

The Mountains 

Log Home Builders log cabinIn the mountains, it is so peaceful and blissful; everything just goes at a slower place, nobody is rushed or frustrated. On the other hand, living near the city requires a lot of energy, and it can be just be too hectic for some people. Having a log home available to go visit at the top of the mountain can be an amazing way to relieve stress and get away from the same busy boring life you live every day. Just stepping outside and sipping a cup of cappuccino as you admire the city from above can be the ultimate relaxation for you. You can let your kids and pets play around without much worry at all beyond dangerous plants and animals.

Besides the benefits that life at the mountains offers, there are some factors you need to consider before building a log home in the hills. It’s a big investment, not something at all to be taken likely.


With a log home, you really aren’t at all limited in where you actually live. You can construct it in the dead middle of the woods or at the top of a big mountain. There are many styles of log cabins, with different energy effencies among them but all being quite efficient compared to a normal house.  Many log homes that have been around for centuries; cabin homes are constructed to last.

Regardless of where you decide to have your log hom built, you’re going to enjoy the money you save the mere fact of what a good long-term investment it is. Before you even think about starting to develop a log home, consider accessibility. If you build in an environment that has a ton of snowfall yearly or is only accessible by a steep driveway, it might be challenging to access during the winter period. This is something you have to plan for, how disappointing would it be to want to go to your log home but you can’t even get close to it because your driveway is a sheet of ice and that’s the only way up.

One thing you can do is put in stairs in more trecharous areas so you can have easier access. Consider your health and athleticism, the capability of climbing the stairs, and your age. Remember you will need to do shopping and it can be difficult climbing the stairs carrying your staff. It can also put off visitors if that’s the only way for them to get there.


Although the constructor can build a proper drainage system, it is your responsibility to maintain and repair if any issues arrise. Mudslides are more common in the mountain areas, and they can be extremely messy all around. Walk around your compound and inspect the terraces for any erosion. You should always ensure it is clear and no obstructions in the way. Motivate your neighbors to maintain theirs, remember their drainage will most likely cause issues for you too.

Natural disasters

Natural disasters can occur anywhere and at any time, but before deciding to build a log home on a hillside be sure of the climate. In a place where heavy downfalls are a regular occurance, mudslides can come through in an instant and wipe your home right off of the map if its not built to withstand that. In the mountains, there is a high possibility of catastrophic events like tornadoes. Build a home with all of this in mind. Think of it like putting your beach house on stilts. You don’t ever want to be facing a tornado, but if you are you’d rather be on stilts and in a well build house than a few feet underwater with your flimsy roof gone!


Living at the top of the mountain is a way different life than if you’re in the thick of the city. Also, one learns how to grow and preserve food for days when they need it, a great skill to have.  Some people believe that living a mile from town in the woods can be stressing because of commotion, but stress is everywhere, it all depends on how you manage. Just do what you prefer, live where you’re most happy!

For more information on building a log home contact Log Home Builders at 919-202-4428.

Is Their A Best Place To Have A Log Home?

What Are The BASIC Steps To Building A Log Home?

Log Home Builders NCCabin Kit

The allure of fast or even instant results from modern day technologies like phones and instant messaging has drastically affected our view of log home building. In the same way, we want fast and reliable results without going through the process. When it comes to log home building NC, there are various factors that affect the building process. Factors such as financing, lack of talented labor and other delays influence the length of the building and the quality of the building. However, log cabin builders have mastered the art of building log homes. They will deliver your desired house in the shortest time possible.

How does a log cabin builder build your home?

Log Home Builders NC are expert log home builders with quality log homes that meet your everyday needs. The process follows these steps:

1.) Consultation

Here, the client gives the details of their ideal log home and the design they would like to achieve. You have nearly endless customization options with your log home!

2.) Floor plan creation

After you give your idea to the log home builder, they start by drawing a plan. The plan can be adjusted according to your prefrences, we want what you want!

3.) Preliminary engineering and final selections

Once the plan is final, a proposal preparation by the log home builder begins. The proposal by the engineering team gives details on the materials needed in the construction of your log home.

4.) Final proposal

The final proposal gives the price estimate for building your log home. After payment, the building materials are delivered to the site. Construction begins!

5.) Basement and foundation

Once the floor plans are completed by a log cabin builder,construction begins with laying down the foundation and the basement. The foundation should be built on suitable ground with the help of soil analysis by a soil engineer.

6.) Basement walls

With the foundation already built, the log cabin builder can now build the basement walls. After the walls are built, the installation of the first floor can now proceed. The decks are built once the floor is complete.

7.) Stacking logs

The logs used by a log cabin builder are cut to precise lengths on the job site to ensure quality work is done. A notch for the receptacles and switches is also done.

8.) Installing the walls and roof frame!

The 1stfloor interior walls come up first, followed the 2ndfloor walls and gables. After the exterior walls are done, it is time to frame the roof! You’re almost done!

11.) Final touches

The log cabin builder can begin staining, installing the metal/shingle roofing, porch rails, window/door, electrical, plumbing, heating and air and wall/floor covering.

Sometimes, people choose to build the log home themselves. This might prove difficult especially some parts such as the roof framing and the precision cutting of logs to fit your desired design. In such instances, it is preferable to ask for professional help to make sure that your log home turns out as you expected it to. You can even do some yourself and get help on other parts if you’re really into doing it yourself!

For this reason, a log cabin builder NC is the go-to for all of your log cabin needs in the state!

For more information on building a log home contact Log Home Builders at 919-202-4428.

What Are The BASIC Steps To Building A Log Home?

Log Cabin Kits, Are They For You?

Looking for A Log Home Kit In NC? 

In America and many other parts of the world, people are looking for simplified alternative solutions to housing. That’s why log home builders NC have become more popular than ever. Not many people are prepared to build a house from scratch at the drop of a hat. Are you? If you are looking for log cabin kits for sale North Carolina, then you’re in the right place!

Things To Know About Log Cabin Kits In North Carolina

There are several key factors that home builders should know about log cabin kits. Designing a custom house plan is a brilliant decision but it does not happen easily. It helps to take the time to get your own mind involved in designing a cabin.


Planning is an essential step in achieving your dream log cabin, you HAVE to ensure that you get a kit that meets your needs specifically. You need to sit down with a professional log cabin kit designer who’ll help translate what’s in your mind into a reality, which can be a harder process than many think. You will be provided with a wide variety of modern log cabin kits designs to pick through, finding features that you like. Consider the size of your growing family to ensure that you invest in a home that accommodates everyone and leaves room for future expansion. The last thing you want is to finish building your cabin then discover you have another kid on the way and are now short one bedroom in your home!


Log Home Builders log cabinProper planning helps in proper budget allocation. You need to know the approximate amount needed to get you started and see you through to the end of this valuable project before you dive into it at all. Start saving early or look for other home financing options that are available. Ensure that you pay for what you need to have. Save as much money as you can. Buy from the most pocket-friendly suppliers while you keep a close watch on quality. At a point you don’t at all want to sacrifice quality for lesser prices.


Never compromise on quality any time you’re thinking about getting a log home kit. You need to ensure you get fair value for the log cabin kit you buy. Always buy your log cabin kits from popular manufacturers to ensure that you’re also buying the name and reputation that goes behind it. Don’t overpay just for the name, but make sure you aren’t dealing with a company that will sell you plywood and never be found again!

Get With The Professionals 

You don’t need to be a pro to get the best log cabin kits in North Carolina, you only need to be among the experts. By finding professional and highly experienced log home builders in NC, you can be sure of getting the best offer the market has available. You might even get some helpful tips and good information out of it too!

Does It Add Value To Your Home?

Invest in quality log cabin kits that adds value to your home. You may need to sell your home in future. With that being said, look to get the best modern home design that increases your home purchase value as time passes. Part of maintaining the value of your home is as easy as maintenance, looking out for your home to make sure it not only always looks good, but is functioning properly.

Looking To Get Started Now?

A home investment is not a cheap deal at all! Invest your money in a modern house plan that adds value to your property. It’s time now to get started looking for a North Carolina Log cabin kits for sale. If you think a log cabin kit is just the thing for you. Find log home builders NC today and start your journey towards investing in a home you can pride yourself in. If you’re not looking for a kit but rather just a log cabin to be built, they can do that too!

Find a NC Log Home Builder Today!

Need help getting started? That’s okay, most people do! Talk to our professional log home builders today and get help with all your log cabin kitsneeds, from start to finish.

For more information on building a log home contact Log Home Builders at 919-202-4428.



Log Cabin Kits, Are They For You?

Is A NC Log Home Kit Right For You?

Is A NC Log Home Kit Right For You?

Cabin Kit A log cabin kit is ideal for anyone who wishes to contribute to building their log home, but lacks the DIY capacity to build one from scratch. Or maybe you don’t have adequate carpentry skills or the time to cut, notch and peel the logs yourself. A kit is the ideal solution to all those issues as it simplifies the process of putting up a log house, while allowing you to be actively involved in the building process.

Kits have become extremely popular in recent times and the demand has led to an increase in the number of budding manufacturers. There are different types of log home kits and before you make a purchase, you will need to know which exact type of log kit is ideal for your needs. A lot of people turn to kits to save on the expense of labor.

Types Of Log Home Kits

There are three main types of log home kits in the market and they include:

  1. Walls only- This is the most basic and consequently the cheapest package. It consists of pre-shaped logs for putting up walls. While the package might appear cheap at first, the price can be significant dependingt on the size of your log home. Quality Log Home Builders have a wide range of this type of kits and they can help you determine which one is best to suit your exact needs. As custom log home builders, they can put together exactly the package that you need to get your task done the way you want it.
  2. Structural shell- This is the most popular of all home kits. It comes with the walls, rafters, roof, and beams. Depending on the type of log used, design and detail put into it, the price can vary but it’s affordable to most. If you don’t have building experience this might not be the ideal package for you, as they are usually sold to serious builders looking to own a log cabin. “Some assembly required” is an understatement for this package, but you are buying this with the intentions of taking on a hands on build, we are just giving you the materials you need! If you DO need any help with assembly, we are just a call away!
  3. Complete homes- We now have in the market complete kits that include all the materials needed to put up a finalized weather-tight shell. The list of materials provided varies from one manufacturer to another so it’s important to do research on what different manufacturers within your area are offering. It’s important to note that if you are sold an item not listed in the initial package, you will most likely have to pay extra for it. Stay alert to that!

If you are a first-time log cabin kit purchaser, do not shy away from getting as much help as you can from the manufacturer. You can also engage a contractor to assist you through the process of purchasing the ideal kit, as well as putting it together. Do not be afraid to bargain because a good number of manufacturers will be open to negotiating on the price, they want your business!

Quality log home-builders offer a wide range of log cabin home kits in Virginia or North Carolina. When you buy their kits you not only get exceptional prices but unrivaled customer service. They will help you through the process of choosing the right kit and even give you guidelines on how to put it up.

For more information and advice on the ideal kit for you contact Quality Log Home Builders through their website, and feel free to call them at any time with any questions that you may have.

For more information on building a log home contact Log Home Builders at 919-202-4428.

Is A NC Log Home Kit Right For You?

Take Your Log Home To The Next Level: Add A Deck

a-large-luxury-home-with-a-deck-pool-and-nicely-landscaped-grounds_HFLzX80ro.jpgEvery single home is unique and it comes in many price levels. It’s anticipated the home you buy won’t have everything you want but you can always add it on yourself. When you bought your house, there were probably things you either didn’t like or knew you were going to add later, such as a bigger deck. It’s common for homes to have decks that are too small so they have to be made bigger.

If you want to boost the value of your home, you could certainly create a deck or expand the deck you currently have. It will likewise offer you a place to have social get togethers, with your friends and neighbors. There are plenty of designs and different types of lumber to choose from. If you don’t think you can do it yourself, you could hire a contractor. Obviously, it is more costly to employ someone but it is a better deal in the long run. It might be a misuse of time and money if you did it yourself and it turned out looking bad. That could in fact lower the valuation on your home and make it harder to sell, when that is what you want.

Should you hire the right contractor you might spend more money, but you don’t have to do anything, the job gets done right, and the value of your house increases. The best method to find a good contractor is to talk to people who have used them in the past. The people at your hometown lumberyard might also know contractors that they can recommend. They’ll give you recommendations of people to check. Before you retain the services of anyone, get a look at some of the tasks they have done, to see if the quality is as good as you want. Make sure they are licensed and include a couple of recommendations. Generate precisely what you want completed, put in writing, with guarantees telling what work will be done, and by what date.

You can also contact several building contractors and obtain bids from them so you can decide who will do the job for the best price. The nice thing about having another person get the job done, you can go to work at your own job, and come home to see the progress, having confidence that it is being done right. It is simple for you to plan on how you use a deck if you set a time table for when it needs to be completed. Get in touch with log cabin builders NC experts for more tips.

If your home lacks a deck, incorporating one will certainly make it more fun and will certainly add value. You could certainly end up with a nice relaxing summer day by sitting on your deck. It’s also great to have friends and family over and savoring a nice barbecue on your deck.

Take Your Log Home To The Next Level: Add A Deck

Log Cabin’s Look Nice, But Do They Last?

Log Cabin’s look nice, but do they last?

Log cabins are very beautiful, but people are usually skeptical about building them because they think that because they are built using wood, it will degrade quickly and rot away. This couldn’t be further from the truth. If you enlist the assistance of professional log home builders, you will never need to worry about the longevity of your log home. Log cabins can last decades and with the right treatment and proper maintenance, your log home can even last for more than a hundred years.

Many different factors can contribute to the longevity of your log home.

The Manufacturer: Your log home builders should have this covered if they are working with credible and reliable manufacturers who produce practical and innovative log home kit designs. The manufacturers’ log home kits should also be high in quality from the fittings and fixtures to the raw materials.

The Installation: The log home kit will arrive ready to be set up and so if you are experienced with such DIY projects and you want to set up the cabin yourself, you will be free to do so. Most clients usually choose to have their log cabins set up by expert log homebuilders. An expertly installed log cabin will last your far longer than one done by someone who isn’t an expert. You may think you’re saving a little bit of money for yourself now, but later on down the road when you have to look into buying an entirely new cabin because you did something wrong, you’ll regret not having a professional do it correctly.

The Base: A long-lasting log home’s success depends on whether its base is level and firm be it made of railway sleepers, paving slabs, concrete, or timber. If the base is wonky then the cabin will be harder to install resulting in gradual problems with the cabin structure as it settles and time passes.

The Maintenance: annual maintenance of your log home is recommended for it to remain in good condition. A proper wash down should be enough to get rid of most debris and dirt, you can do a quick look over once you’re done to decide if you need to take any further actions. If when you are washing the timber, it soaks in water then you may need to apply a coat of treatment to prevent any future water damages and to add anothr layer of protection. Check for tears or damage on the roof covering, signs of insects, or loose fittings.

The Ventilation and Insulation: A log cabin with roof and floor insulation will be comfortable for use throughout the year and offers protection for your log home. There are specially designed log home kits that are scientifically tested to prevent condensation inside. Ventilation in the cabin is also a good step to take if you’re concerned with preventing condensation.

The Treatment: log home kits usually arrive in an untreated and natural state for easier installation. This also allows you to choose the wood treatment and colors you want for your log cabin, and apply them as you please. Ensuring you use the right, high-quality treatment for your log home will encourage longevity for years to come.

The Roof Covering: Log home kits may arrive without a roof covering enabling you to select the roof you want for your cabin. Choosing a long-lasting and high-quality roof will offer protection for your log home for years to come. Most log cabins use tin roofs, they can even be painted the color you like!

The best place to go in NC for any of your log cabin needs, from putting together a kit to having an entire cabin custom built for you, is Log Home Builders NC. They’ve been building and servicing cabins for over 35 years now, so its safe to say they bring a lot of experience to the table.

Log Cabin’s Look Nice, But Do They Last?

Is Living In A Log Home Similar To A Conventional Home?

Is Living In A Log Home Even Similar To A Conventional Home?

Many believe that log cabin homes are the iconic home for homesteaders or individuals who enjoy living self-sufficient lives. Why do people build log houses? Other than the fact that they are the traditional way of home building, there are also other benefits that come with owning one.

Advantages Of Log Cabins

  1. Aesthetically pleasing

If well crafted, a log house is an outstanding piece of art. It looks good and it will look good for generations to come because they don’t run out of style. It is also easier to sell a log home than a traditional house.

  1. Energy efficient

Log cabins especially those made from cedar logs are energy efficient. They keep the home warmer during winter so you use less energy on heating your home, and the also keep the house cooler during the summer so once again you save on the cost of keeping the house cool.

  1. Durability

Well built log houses can stay on for hundreds of years. However, how long your log cabin survives is also influenced by other factors such as how it was originally built, how well it’s maintained and quality of logs used. Irrespective of these factors, log houses generally survive longer than conventional ones.

  1. Weather Resistance

The logs used in constructing log homes are usually sealed. This makes them water resistant and are therefore not damaged by storms and other extreme weather. There are many instances where log houses have withstood earthquakes, hurricanes and harsh storms.

Disadvantages of Log Cabins

Although log homes have a lot of advantages, as all things do they have limitations as well:

  1. They require regular maintenance that can get time consuming and expensive if you don’t stay up on it.
  2. They are susceptible to insect and rodent damage, but the wood can be treated to prevent this.
  3. Running wiring or tubing can be a bit more difficult, it may be harder to hide than in a conventional home.
  4. If you decide to buy, and not build your log home, you risk running into issues with the natural insulation that the wood offers, you always need to check for gaps or areas the elements could get in. Even a small breech of cold air can cause it to cost a lot to more to keep you  warm in the winter!

Professional Log Home Builders

Log cabins are great whether you want to live in them permanently or just looking for a nice holiday home. While you might decide to build one yourself with the help of family and friends, it is more prudent to get professional help for the job. That way, you can be guaranteed of a solid structure that is functional and one that will serve you and many generations to come.

If you are looking to own a log cabin, Quality Log Home Builders should be your top choice. The company serves the entirety of North Carolina and Easter U.S. They have over 35 years’ experience in building log homes and log cabins. They know where to find the best wood and have the ability to engineer the logs to be used in construction at very competitive prices. Check out some of their work and get more information from their website . 


Is Living In A Log Home Similar To A Conventional Home?