Advantages of Cabin Log Homes

IMG_3195The popularity of log cabin homes is on the rise. Their enormous benefits have earned them a good reputation over the years. This article discusses the advantages of investing in cabin log homes.

Sound insulation

Log homes are preferred because their walls keep off the sound. If you live in a clamorous neighborhood, they would be a perfect investment for you. You won’t have to deal with disturbance from the streets or your neighbors. It creates a calm environment where you can relax, study, watch or just chill with your family or friends.

Aesthetic appeal

The appearance of your home means so much to you, your guests and even those passing by the property. If it’s appealing, it creates a good mood. You will want to spend more time there, and it will be a pleasure every time you do. People want to be part of something that looks good. The aesthetic appeal of log homes is astounding. They are a choice for many individuals nowadays because of their prestige. Your builder will help you choose a log cabin plan that is most appealing.

Energy efficient

Log walls are very energy efficient compared to timber houses. You can save up to 20% on power consumption. During winter, people tend to use so much power so as to keep the house warm. For timber walls, the heating system has to be on throughout winter since the walls do not store the heat produced by the heating system. If the power goes off, the house becomes cold immediately.

Log walls, on the other hand, can preserve some heat, so you don’t need a lot of power to warm up during winter. When the power is out, the house will still be a little warm.

Fire resistant

IMG_3199Cabin logs homes are fire resistant, and this makes them a safe dwelling. Whereas timber can catch fire quickly and burn, there is a very little likelihood that log walls would burn. The reason is that; log walls do not have hollow spaces where fire can travel through. However, even if it’s safe, you should always be careful when handling a fire in or near your house.

Easy to get financing

You can get financing to help you put up a cabin log home if you have not saved up enough. You just have to talk to your financial provider  and ask for help.

Quality Log Home Builders offers exceptional log homes and log cabins for sale in Eastern North Carolina, Southern Virginia, and beyond. We also offer a service plan to maintain the appearance of your log home. With a custom plan for your log home, we’ll check your home from top to bottom for any maintenance needs every year.

Advantages of Cabin Log Homes

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