What to Look for in a Log Cabin Kit

IMG_3214Log cabin homes are cozy, very attractive and designed to be extremely functional. Building a log cabin home today is as simple as purchasing a log cabin kit. This log cabin kit contains all the supplies you need to create a new home based on a specific design. The log cabin homes are pre-constructed to form the contents of the kit, which is sold to home construction teams. You can choose the home you want base on a catalogue of designs. Each kit completes a specific design. You can hire a contractor to put together the log cabin home, which often doesn’t take longer than a couple of weeks.

A log cabin kit should contain essential construction materials such as:

The sub floor and floor finish

The sub floor forms up the foundation and floor of your building. The sub floor quality is important as it holds the ground for the entire building. In the sub floor package, you should expect materials such as pressure treated sill, girder beams, support joists, sheathing, quality finish flooring and a basement stair landing. You can also get the porch materials if the construction design features a porch.

Log wall system

IMG_3195The log wall system contained in the log cabin kit is a series of precut, finished and labeled logs that form the walls of your house. The logs should already have the cut tongue and grove sealing system so all you have to do is put them together. The logs have pre-cut windows and door openings. The numbering on the logs makes it easy to find these while putting them together; other materials in the wall system package include caulking, corner sealants, sill seal, screws and fasteners among other required materials.

Windows and doors

All the interior and exterior doors and windows are also included in the log cabin kit NC. You can get glazed high-energy efficiency windows. You will also get all the door and windows hardware including hinges, handles and latches.


Good quality roofing is an essential bit of the construction process. You can get any of a variety of roofing materials depending on your specifications including metal roofs and roof shingles. You should also expect all the necessary rafters, beams, sheathing and fasteners necessary to complete the roof. When choosing a roofing material, ensure it is not too heavy for the wooden structure and can withstand the climate in the area.

We are one of the best NC log home builders that offer exceptional log cabins for sale. If you have already purchased a log home or log cabin package from another company but need someone to help build your log home, we can help too. Call us!

What to Look for in a Log Cabin Kit

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