FAQs About Log Cabin Home

IMG_3188You are probably like many other people who are wondering what all the fuss about log cabin homes. Log homes are built from solid wood. The wood is stacked to form the walls of the entire house making them instantly recognizable. Log homes are beautiful and represent a way of life. Here are a couple of questions you may have about log homes answered.

What are log cabin kits?

Log home kits are a way of purchasing a log home. The pre-designed log home comes in ready to use logs walls, floors, doors, windows and roofing, basically, everything you need from start to finish of the entire construction. The log cabin kit package contents differ depending on what you need, sometimes they may be complete while in other cases they provide just some of the items.

Are log homes energy efficient?

You must be wondering how efficient a pile of wood can be. Log home companies have perfected the construction process. The precut log wall systems are designed to stack up as close as possible leaving no space for air escape. Logs also have thermal mass that stores heat during the day and radiates it at night so you do not spend too much on heating in cold environments. During summer, the logs slow down the transfer of heat into the house keeping it cool.

Why wood?

Wood is an appealing construction material that combines sturdiness and beauty. This natural organic material has great texture; color and grain among other excellent qualities that makes it stand out from other construction materials. The wood is treated to make it suitable for construction.

Does the wood species matter?

Different species of wood have different construction qualities in terms of aesthetics and performance. The size and shape of the trees also determine how the logs can be used in construction. The species of the tree greatly affects the price of the log cabin kit. The prices of the wood for the same species may also vary from one company to another.

How are log homes built

Building log cabin homes NC in is not just about stacking up logs of wood to form the walls of the house. Log homes today are designed to provide long-lasting performance. Complicated and sophisticated engineering techniques are used to ensure that the log home can withstand bad weather and the test of time. There are specific building systems that have been developed for construction of these log cabin homes.

Questions? Feel free to give us a call to learn more! We offer log home and log cabin kits for sale in North Carolina, Virginia, and the Eastern U.S.

FAQs About Log Cabin Home

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