Choosing Quality Log Cabin Kit

IMG_3188Log homes have become a very versatile and pleasant dwelling option to many homeowners in Raleigh. Log cabin kits enable one to own a beautiful and energy efficient home without investing too much time on the building process or requiring a lot of skills. With a kit, there’s no need to construct a home from the ground up. Homeowners can also play an active role in the building process and save costs when using a kit.

But it’s important to find a quality log cabin kit for your project in order to get the best outcome. You’ll need to consider a few things when shopping for a log cabin kit. Each kit has different materials that make up the package. Understand what comes with your package and make sure all the important parts are included. Let’s dig in and review a few things to consider when choosing a standard log cabin kit.

Type of wood

It’s important to know which type of wood will be used to design your log home. The most popular options are pine, cedar, cypress and aspen. Understand the pros and cons of each before making a decision. For instance, cedar naturally repels insects and is highly resistant to internal decay, which is why most homeowners prefer it.

Consider energy efficiency

Not all log homes are energy efficient. You need to understand the factors that will affect the energy efficiency of your cabin and make sure the kit caters for the important issues. For instance, the wall of the log cabin should be airtight. This will prevent cold air drafts from making their way through the cabin and the need to power your HVAC unit all the time. Also, consider the R-value of the walls and roof of your log cabin. This is a simple measurement of how well the roof or wall resists heat flow.

Choose a reputable supplier

Not all log cabin kits are created equal. It’s better to choose a kit from a supplier who has a reputation of providing quality log cabins. To determine what design is best for you, have a set of goals prior to buying a log cabin kit. How do you intend to use the cabin? Have you set a budget? Going through these important aspects before you choose a supplier will simplify the shopping experience. Most importantly, remember that there are many factors to consider when choosing log homes in Raleigh NC, not just the price.

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Choosing Quality Log Cabin Kit