What to Consider When Buying Log Cabin Homes

IMG_3186Purchasing a log cabin home is a great idea if you have always wanted one. But there are a couple of important environmental and financial decisions you have to make before you buy one. Craftsmanship, design and quality of materials used are important to make a valuable investment in your home.


You have the option of building your own log cabin home using the log cabin kits available in the industry today or purchasing a home constructed by professional contractors. Build your own home is a great idea if you are handy with construction tools and want to experience the process of building your own home. Working with professional construction  is advisable because they are less prone to make mistakes and more likely to produce high quality and durable log cabin homes.


The design of the log cabin home should represent your living requirements. You should be highly involved in the design process of the log cabin home. The architecture you work with should be able to capture your design ideas while giving you important advice on the site’s advantage views, slopes, access, sunlight direction and vegetation cover among other things while meeting all the space requirements. It is quite difficult to make a previously used plan suit your needs and you may end up disliking the entire thing. Coming up with a more tailored design based on past work is not a bad idea.

Joinery techniques

Various joinery techniques are used to put the logs together for insulation, structural integrity and building quality. This is where you need to do the most research as there are so many techniques used today. You want an air tight and weather tight home. But it takes more than just fitting the logs together tightly. You need to find the right seal that works well with wood. You need to speak to an expert who has seen the performance of these techniques over several years. The company will deliver new products and it is quite difficult to tell their future performance and appearance until you speak to a more experienced person.


You need to find the species of logs that will give you optimum results. There are two important things you should consider when choosing logs: The longitudinal splits that occur on the wood and how well its stains. The joinery technique will also determine the checking (longitudinal splits in the wood).

At Quality Log Home Builders, we’ve been building log homes and log cabins for more than 35 years. Contact us today and we’ll give you more information about our process, our materials, and our packages.

What to Consider When Buying Log Cabin Homes

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