Questions You May Have About Building a Log Cabin Home

IMG_3185There is no question that log cabin homes look extremely attractive. They often have a great curb appeal with their homely appearance and exteriors that blend seamlessly into nature. Many people often think of having a log cabin home but think of it more as a house for the kind of people who want to live a self-sufficient country life. Log cabins are quite versatile in design today and can suit any kind of living. There may be a couple of questions you have before jumping into log cabin construction:

Why build a log cabin house?

There are so many reasons why you should build a log cabin home: new beginnings, a holiday home or simply going back to basics with the traditionalism of building with logs. Aesthetics are often the most popular reasons why people would want a log cabin home. Wood is a very beautiful construction material and a well-constructed cabin home looks like a work of art.

Is log cabin homes energy efficient?

IMG_3200Energy efficiency is a great concern with new home construction today. Everyone wants to play their little role in saving the world from the energy crisis. Wood is a great material for construction because the solid nature of wood gives it great energy efficiency. It is non-conductive and great insulating materials since you do not have to install any other layers of insulation. It keeps the cold out during winter and the heat out during summer. Cedar logs for instance, offer great insulation.

Are log cabin homes durable?

A well-built log cabin home can easily outlive the person who constructed and last for many years after that. There are so many houses constructed hundreds of years ago with the most basic construction techniques that still stand today. With the kind of new and improved construction materials and methods we have today, log cabin homes have an impressive file span.

Are log cabin homes weather resistant?

Wood is often shunned due to its susceptibility to damages caused by weather including extreme heat, moisture and humidity. This is where the importance of sealing comes in. Good sealing makes it easy for your home to withstand storms and other extreme weather cases. There are stories of log homes that have been left standing after hurricanes and earthquakes making log cabin homes a great idea for areas with dangerous weather conditions.

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Questions You May Have About Building a Log Cabin Home

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