Designing Your Log Cabin Home

IMG_3195It is quite difficult to make an old house design work for a new client’s home construction. Of course, there are shared elements in home construction designs but building a home in your specific design offers you more satisfaction and makes your living space more tailored to your needs. The following are some of the things you should do when constructing a new log cabin home.

Study designs that work

You can combine design elements from previous construction to come up with new designs that are better tailored to your needs. Define your space first in form and function, evaluate the size of the home that you would like and think of the personal additions you would like to have in your home. Keeping this in mind, find designs that have worked from log cabin homeowners and get tips from professionals.


The land will determine the kind of house you can build on it so you have to buy the land first. It also makes it easier to pick your best views, sunlight direction and integrate features such as slopes into your design. All these factors influence your construction in one way or another so they should be a key concern in your designs.

Log styles

There are two big categories for log types in log cabin home construction. You can either choose between handcrafted and milled logs. Handcrafted logs are made from logs shaped from the tree. They are often quite large in diameter and very long. The cabin is built in the handcrafters yard until it is complete then the logs are disassembled for numbering and transportation to your site. It results in very attractive and authentic log cabin homes although it is expensive and labor intensive. Milled logs on the other hand are shaped by machines to form uniform logs that are not tapered. They are less expensive in construction than hand crafter logs and are also quite attractive.

Log cabin orientation

Home orientation plays a great role in energy efficiency so remember this when designing. You should align your log cabin home on the North-south line of the land. This allows you to use the southerly sun for passive solar power, which improves your home’s energy efficiency.

Work with a professional designer or architect when designing your home to get the most out of the design. They have the expertise to fill in all the details that you may easily overlook.

At Quality Log Home Builders, we offer a range of package options for building log cabins and log homes in North Carolina or Virginia. Contact us today, and we’ll talk you through our process and assist you in your home building needs.

Designing Your Log Cabin Home

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