Benefits of Owning a Log Cabin Home

IMG_3200Over the past few years, log cabin homes are becoming more and more popular. There are many people dreaming about having their own log cabins in their yard. Modern log houses these days are not only sturdy and durable, but beautiful too. They also come in a variety of designs and offer many benefits as well.

Gone are the days when wooden homes were houses for the poor people. Today, wooden homes aren’t really as cheap as they used to be. Many property owners actually build log homes to increase the value of their property or solely for the great look that wooden houses have. Log cabins nowadays also include modern features such as heated terraces and skylight windows.

Here are just some of the many great features and benefits that make more and more people want to build their own log cabins.

Good for the environment

If you are one of those who are concerned about the impact that we have on the planet, you know that it is critical to make lifestyle choices in order to lessen the harmful effects to the environment. Reducing waste and recycling are great, but how about your home?

Living in a house that supports your green lifestyle may seem challenging. However, it is actually quite easy to construct an eco-friendly and sustainable house. Using an all-natural building material like wood is good for the mother earth. Plus, they make an exquisite sight.

Eco-friendly building material

Compared to other construction materials, wood production is not as energy intensive. This only means that building log cabin homes will only leave a small carbon footprint. A log cabin is therefore not disruptive to any kind of wild setting.

Log cabin houses are healthy to live in

Wooden houses are only good for the environment, but it also good for you and your family. Toxins and harmful chemicals are often used in common construction materials. That’s why using quality wood is a safer alternative.

Visually appealing

There is just something about wood that exudes elegance. Plus, there is such a wide variety of woods you can choose from to build a beautiful and durable wooden house. You can also enhance the wood’s appearance, making your stay at the log cabin a rich visual and olfactory experience.

Energy efficient

The thermal properties of wood promote comfortable temperature. In fact, compared to materials like rock, steel and concrete, wood is not a good conductor of heat or cold. You can definitely save on heating cost when it is cold, and have a cool haven in the summer.

Low cost maintenance and repair

The materials needed to build log cabins is widely available in nature. Wooden houses can actually be assembled in a few months or even less. You’ll likewise save on the overall cost to keep your log cabin home in good condition over the years. Well maintained wood can definitely last for quite a long time.

Get your log cabin from a trusted company

Been dreaming about your new log cabin home? Of course, behind every dream home is a reliable building company. Here at Quality Log Home Builders, we offer a lot of styles and stains of wood, making it easy for you to achieve your desired design.

Owning a log cabin home is very easy when you work with us. We use a wide range of logs and materials when we build log homes and log cabins in North Carolina, Virginia, and the Eastern U.S. We’ll work with you to determine which materials and log types to use to ensure you get your dream log home. Call us at 919.202.4428!

Benefits of Owning a Log Cabin Home

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