Building your own – or call a professional?

diy-log-cabinLog cabins are a great idea for homes in Eastern North Carolina if you have some property to build on and want a rustic yet stylish house. There are two main options you have when it comes to building a log cabin. You can either buy a log cabin kit and construct the entire thing yourself or get professionals for log cabin building. It is advisable to leave it to the professionals and here is why:

Getting it right – the first time!

Log cabin construction materials do not come easy. So if you are not completely confident with your construction skills, you should avoid getting a log cabin kit. Professional cabin builders have industry experience and expertise in construction, they can avoid the common and costly errors that you are more likely to make. Your home should only be constructed once and constructed well to avoid spending too much on extra costs that come out of making such errors.

Save Time

The process of constructing a log cabin home or ANY type of entire home can be quite daunting as a DIY project. It is only suitable when constructing small sheds or cabins with simple designs and just a few rooms. When working with professionals in log cabin home construction, speed and accuracy are two things you can look forward to. They are skilled enough to work fast since they already know where everything is supposed to go and how much time it takes to construct every component of the home.

Make Maintenance Easier

A professionally constructed log cabin residence will require less maintenance than the average stick frame house. Most of the maintenance that you will be doing on a DIY log cabin home is usually to fix the errors you made during initial construction. With an expert team working on your home, you can be sure that you will have a strong, sturdy and durable home with very minimal maintenance required. Professional contractors are very intent on structural integrity, insulation and weather resistance, as well as overall functionality.

Best advice and cost saving tips

As an individual working on your own log cabin home, most of what you will be doing is just feeling your way around the darkness. Construction professionals from Quality Log Home Builders in Kenly NC can give you proven and reliable advice on the best construction techniques, saving money without compromising on quality – and use industry experience and techniques to get the best possible construction at the end of it all.

Building your own – or call a professional?

Questions You May Have About Building a Log Cabin Home

IMG_3185There is no question that log cabin homes look extremely attractive. They often have a great curb appeal with their homely appearance and exteriors that blend seamlessly into nature. Many people often think of having a log cabin home but think of it more as a house for the kind of people who want to live a self-sufficient country life. Log cabins are quite versatile in design today and can suit any kind of living. There may be a couple of questions you have before jumping into log cabin construction:

Why build a log cabin house?

There are so many reasons why you should build a log cabin home: new beginnings, a holiday home or simply going back to basics with the traditionalism of building with logs. Aesthetics are often the most popular reasons why people would want a log cabin home. Wood is a very beautiful construction material and a well-constructed cabin home looks like a work of art.

Is log cabin homes energy efficient?

IMG_3200Energy efficiency is a great concern with new home construction today. Everyone wants to play their little role in saving the world from the energy crisis. Wood is a great material for construction because the solid nature of wood gives it great energy efficiency. It is non-conductive and great insulating materials since you do not have to install any other layers of insulation. It keeps the cold out during winter and the heat out during summer. Cedar logs for instance, offer great insulation.

Are log cabin homes durable?

A well-built log cabin home can easily outlive the person who constructed and last for many years after that. There are so many houses constructed hundreds of years ago with the most basic construction techniques that still stand today. With the kind of new and improved construction materials and methods we have today, log cabin homes have an impressive file span.

Are log cabin homes weather resistant?

Wood is often shunned due to its susceptibility to damages caused by weather including extreme heat, moisture and humidity. This is where the importance of sealing comes in. Good sealing makes it easy for your home to withstand storms and other extreme weather cases. There are stories of log homes that have been left standing after hurricanes and earthquakes making log cabin homes a great idea for areas with dangerous weather conditions.

Quality Log Home Builders offers exceptional log homes and log cabins for sale in Eastern North Carolina, Southern Virginia, and beyond. Contact us today to learn more about how our log cabin and log home builders compare to the competition. We offer the very best in service and workmanship!


Questions You May Have About Building a Log Cabin Home

Designing Your Log Cabin Home

IMG_3195It is quite difficult to make an old house design work for a new client’s home construction. Of course, there are shared elements in home construction designs but building a home in your specific design offers you more satisfaction and makes your living space more tailored to your needs. The following are some of the things you should do when constructing a new log cabin home.

Study designs that work

You can combine design elements from previous construction to come up with new designs that are better tailored to your needs. Define your space first in form and function, evaluate the size of the home that you would like and think of the personal additions you would like to have in your home. Keeping this in mind, find designs that have worked from log cabin homeowners and get tips from professionals.


The land will determine the kind of house you can build on it so you have to buy the land first. It also makes it easier to pick your best views, sunlight direction and integrate features such as slopes into your design. All these factors influence your construction in one way or another so they should be a key concern in your designs.

Log styles

There are two big categories for log types in log cabin home construction. You can either choose between handcrafted and milled logs. Handcrafted logs are made from logs shaped from the tree. They are often quite large in diameter and very long. The cabin is built in the handcrafters yard until it is complete then the logs are disassembled for numbering and transportation to your site. It results in very attractive and authentic log cabin homes although it is expensive and labor intensive. Milled logs on the other hand are shaped by machines to form uniform logs that are not tapered. They are less expensive in construction than hand crafter logs and are also quite attractive.

Log cabin orientation

Home orientation plays a great role in energy efficiency so remember this when designing. You should align your log cabin home on the North-south line of the land. This allows you to use the southerly sun for passive solar power, which improves your home’s energy efficiency.

Work with a professional designer or architect when designing your home to get the most out of the design. They have the expertise to fill in all the details that you may easily overlook.

At Quality Log Home Builders, we offer a range of package options for building log cabins and log homes in North Carolina or Virginia. Contact us today, and we’ll talk you through our process and assist you in your home building needs.

Designing Your Log Cabin Home

What to Consider When Buying Log Cabin Homes

IMG_3186Purchasing a log cabin home is a great idea if you have always wanted one. But there are a couple of important environmental and financial decisions you have to make before you buy one. Craftsmanship, design and quality of materials used are important to make a valuable investment in your home.


You have the option of building your own log cabin home using the log cabin kits available in the industry today or purchasing a home constructed by professional contractors. Build your own home is a great idea if you are handy with construction tools and want to experience the process of building your own home. Working with professional construction  is advisable because they are less prone to make mistakes and more likely to produce high quality and durable log cabin homes.


The design of the log cabin home should represent your living requirements. You should be highly involved in the design process of the log cabin home. The architecture you work with should be able to capture your design ideas while giving you important advice on the site’s advantage views, slopes, access, sunlight direction and vegetation cover among other things while meeting all the space requirements. It is quite difficult to make a previously used plan suit your needs and you may end up disliking the entire thing. Coming up with a more tailored design based on past work is not a bad idea.

Joinery techniques

Various joinery techniques are used to put the logs together for insulation, structural integrity and building quality. This is where you need to do the most research as there are so many techniques used today. You want an air tight and weather tight home. But it takes more than just fitting the logs together tightly. You need to find the right seal that works well with wood. You need to speak to an expert who has seen the performance of these techniques over several years. The company will deliver new products and it is quite difficult to tell their future performance and appearance until you speak to a more experienced person.


You need to find the species of logs that will give you optimum results. There are two important things you should consider when choosing logs: The longitudinal splits that occur on the wood and how well its stains. The joinery technique will also determine the checking (longitudinal splits in the wood).

At Quality Log Home Builders, we’ve been building log homes and log cabins for more than 35 years. Contact us today and we’ll give you more information about our process, our materials, and our packages.

What to Consider When Buying Log Cabin Homes

Benefits of Owning a Log Cabin Home

IMG_3200Over the past few years, log cabin homes are becoming more and more popular. There are many people dreaming about having their own log cabins in their yard. Modern log houses these days are not only sturdy and durable, but beautiful too. They also come in a variety of designs and offer many benefits as well.

Gone are the days when wooden homes were houses for the poor people. Today, wooden homes aren’t really as cheap as they used to be. Many property owners actually build log homes to increase the value of their property or solely for the great look that wooden houses have. Log cabins nowadays also include modern features such as heated terraces and skylight windows.

Here are just some of the many great features and benefits that make more and more people want to build their own log cabins.

Good for the environment

If you are one of those who are concerned about the impact that we have on the planet, you know that it is critical to make lifestyle choices in order to lessen the harmful effects to the environment. Reducing waste and recycling are great, but how about your home?

Living in a house that supports your green lifestyle may seem challenging. However, it is actually quite easy to construct an eco-friendly and sustainable house. Using an all-natural building material like wood is good for the mother earth. Plus, they make an exquisite sight.

Eco-friendly building material

Compared to other construction materials, wood production is not as energy intensive. This only means that building log cabin homes will only leave a small carbon footprint. A log cabin is therefore not disruptive to any kind of wild setting.

Log cabin houses are healthy to live in

Wooden houses are only good for the environment, but it also good for you and your family. Toxins and harmful chemicals are often used in common construction materials. That’s why using quality wood is a safer alternative.

Visually appealing

There is just something about wood that exudes elegance. Plus, there is such a wide variety of woods you can choose from to build a beautiful and durable wooden house. You can also enhance the wood’s appearance, making your stay at the log cabin a rich visual and olfactory experience.

Energy efficient

The thermal properties of wood promote comfortable temperature. In fact, compared to materials like rock, steel and concrete, wood is not a good conductor of heat or cold. You can definitely save on heating cost when it is cold, and have a cool haven in the summer.

Low cost maintenance and repair

The materials needed to build log cabins is widely available in nature. Wooden houses can actually be assembled in a few months or even less. You’ll likewise save on the overall cost to keep your log cabin home in good condition over the years. Well maintained wood can definitely last for quite a long time.

Get your log cabin from a trusted company

Been dreaming about your new log cabin home? Of course, behind every dream home is a reliable building company. Here at Quality Log Home Builders, we offer a lot of styles and stains of wood, making it easy for you to achieve your desired design.

Owning a log cabin home is very easy when you work with us. We use a wide range of logs and materials when we build log homes and log cabins in North Carolina, Virginia, and the Eastern U.S. We’ll work with you to determine which materials and log types to use to ensure you get your dream log home. Call us at 919.202.4428!

Benefits of Owning a Log Cabin Home